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Favorite ThisThe best and brightest in Ohio assemble for 3rd Eye Therapy

Published: October 26, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

3rd Eye TherapyAn educational movement birthed in artistry, creativity, and connection is sweeping the nation, and its source is the unlikely midwest state of Ohio.

Three forces within the state, ThazDope Records, Toortous, and Peanutbutter Williams, are joining forces to bring 3rd Eye Therapy to Columbus, Ohio beginning November 9th at Club Voodoos. The weekly events will catalyze talent, positivity, and healing through workshops, performance art, a number of different artistic mediums, and even three meditation breaks per night for those needing to center and refocus ahead of the weekend.

ThazDope's Kevin Moore has been spreading his gospel through his nightly Wellness & Sharing live streams, and the community that has gathered around him is a direct result of his relentless pounding the pavement alongside Williams and Stephen Strohmenger of Toortous. This is a direct result of the outpouring of support for the big Sacred Wellness retreat weekend hitting Peoria, Illinois from February 8-11. All of these wellness events are galvanizing the bass family in the midwest and beyond who seek more of their concert experiences.

Within the evening our organizers have planned a wonderful weekly curation fusing artistic creativity, wellness, and networking while seeking to help many people find themselves through their creative energies that may not be tapped into yet,” Moore explains. “We plan to take this event further by offering: production classes, flow workshops, a creation station with art supplies for everyone to unleash their creative side, slam poetry cyphers, monthly music producer cyphers, and most importantly an opportunity for everyone to get their creative expression seen, heard, and appreciated.”

Sacred WellnessYou can't get any more Ohio than The Trifinity. Experimental producers and all around nice guys Yheti, Toadface, and Mt. Analogue have been touring nonstop this fall, but they added one more special date to their schedule, because they believe so deeply in the change that is taking root in middle America. We know they won our hearts at The Untz Festival, and looks like they're winning over the hearts and minds of fans across the country. On top of the relentless positivity and radical inclusion, these three talented musicians have also been pumping out some of the most unique, forward-thinking tunes in all of the bass game—these guys are absolutely changing that game point by point—so it takes your fandom to even greater heights.

Joining The Trifinity at the inaugural 3rd Eye Therapy experience is none other than Moore's alter ego Spankalicious, back for a rare set, as well as fan favorite Honeybee, spinning some jams, and a PBW set to start things off. You can spot all these creatures in the custom artwork that will accompany each edition in the series courtesy of Alex Buchanan and Mt. Analogue.

Coastal elites will start getting jealous of this homegrown weekly. You've got no excuse to miss this really unique event which kicks off in two short weeks.

Visit for tickets now.

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