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Favorite ThisThazDope Records x Massive Ideas thrilled a sold out Miami crowd

Published: March 28, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Secret Stash sold out“Sold the fuck out.”

That's what we like to hear when we're involved with a party. As Miami Music Week wound to a close this past weekend, the festivities were just gearing up as ThazDope Records and Massive Ideas plotted and planned a late night secret party in the Wynwood neighborhood of The Magic City after midnight on Saturday.

The Secret Stash brought together Yheti, beardthug, Eazybaked, and a whole host of ThazDope's finest up-and-comers for a jam-packed, sweaty, subsonic joyride through the experimental side of our scene. Thrilling sets from Salty, JuJu Beats, Skinny Hendrix and more got the crowd hyped. Of course, they were already hyped, because they had nabbed tickets long before the show sold out ahead of doors.

Wake The NationIt's not really a renegade party until the cops show up, am I right?

Despite some party-pooping by local law enforcement, each of the main acts enjoyed big crowds, rowdy energy, and those sweet Funktion-Ones.

“We might have crammed as many people as we could into the venue, and we might have run our party directly into some old dude sex party setup,” admits Kevin Moore, ThazDope Records chief and the man, the myth, and the mystery known as Spankalicious. “It's a night that Miami bass crowd won't soon forget.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Spanky is taking the ThazDope Records crew across the country on the Wake The Nation tour. Favorites like Eazybaked, beardthug, and JuJu Beats will be joined by Zeplinn and Airplan3 Mod3 (whose new EP is out today), LoDurr on visuals, and standbys like Mt. Analogue, Alejo, and Psydell. So many cities, so many acts, so much mayhem.

The Untz Festival 2017It all culminates June 2-4 in Mariposa, California when the ThazDope train runs smack into The Untz Festival. We're properly prepared for the madness—I assure you. This is going to be the spot for underground bass music, so you best secure your tickets now, because they are flying. Toadface, Moniker, Smokestax, Niraya, Vusive, Gutta Kick B2B Eratixx—it's gonna be nuts.

And that's just the ThazDope Records stage. Throw Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, Tsuruda, Proko, Sayer, TLZMN, PartyWave, TASO, and more on top of that, and you're gettin' warmer.

We've been working with ThazDope Records, Wormhole, ShadowTrix Music, and sub.mission for so long, it's such an honor to be able to bring this barn-storming lineup to one place for an unfortgettable weekend of incredibly cutting-edge tunes. You don't want to miss this one.

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