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Published: October 24, 2010


We're down to the last bracket in The Untz Challenge! The Burnin' Down the House bracket brought in more than _____________ votes and Arpetrio and ________ have ended up on top. They will both have a chance to win the grand prize in mid-November.

The final sixteen competitors have been selected for the Wild Wild Womp bracket. Voting ends at midnight PST Nov. 1st, so make sure you vote for your favorite track now!

Because of tight races, and because we want to keep things interesting in this competition, we've done away with the Final Four round, and will instead let all the eight finalists have a crack at the big prize.

The Untz Challenge will take a week off after voting in the fourth bracket concludes in a week. The finalists will decide during that week whether they want to ride the same horse to victory, or send in a brand new track to keep things fresh for the final battle. If at the end of the week a finalist has not dragged a new track into The Untz SoundCloud account, we'll keep his or her previous track.

Beginning Nov. 9th, we'll have one final round of voting for the 8 finalists. The polls close at midnight PST Nov. 15th, and we'll announce the winner and runner-up of the inaugural The Untz Challenge on Nov. 16th. Remember, the first prize is Ableton Live 8 and a Novation Launchpad. The runner-up gets Ableton's Live Intro along with a Novation Dicer. All 8 finalists get to have their tracks critiqued by some of the biggest names in electronic music.


What is your Favorite "Wild Wild Womp" Track in The Untz Challenge? free polls


1. Release - intrinsic

2. Partay - Elfkowitz

3. dubside – BIGG TIME

4. Dutty - LoBounce

5. Mad Wolf – Rest in Pieces – Black Hawk

6. Filling Potholes - Joe Sadowski

7. Snake Flute - jharling

8. Kindergarten Krunch - Eumatik

9. Krakatoa – Disco Nutter & Roka

10. UFO – Jack Beats (K-hole Riddim Mix – Sychosis ReRub) - Sychosis

11. Laid Blak – Red (Remix VIP) – ONE4ALL

12. Puddle of Dub - UTZ

13. Got to WOMP – GalaxC Girl

14. Mix Ragga Jungle my girlfriend – K.DRX


16. Rented Evolvement – Energy Alchemist