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Published: October 17, 2010


The Untz Challenge is heating up!  A tsunami of fans punched their ballots in the Trancin' in the Streets/Techno Prisoners bracket.  After tabulating the more than 2,750 votes cast, Dirty Ganesh and Noisecraft have come out on top of the second bracket.  They will both have a chance at the grand prize in less than a month.

The next sixteen competitors are already lined up and ready to go in the Burnin' Down the House bracket.  Voting ends at midnight PST Oct. 25th, so make sure you vote for your favorite track now!

Because of the overwhelming response for the contest, and the neck-and-neck finishes for first and second place in each bracket, we've decided to open up the final round to each of our top 8 finishers.  We'd like for each of the 8 finalists to have a shot at winning the The Untz Challenge.  We've also thrown a wrinkle into the competition to spice things up.

The Untz Challenge will take a week off after voting in the fourth bracket concludes on Nov. 1st.  That's when things get interesting.  The finalists will decide during that week whether they want to ride the same horse to victory, or send in a brand new track to keep things fresh for the final battle.  If, at the end of the week, a finalist has not dragged a new track into the Untz SoundCloud account, we'll keep his or her previous track.

Beginning Nov. 9th, we'll have one final round of voting for the 8 finalists.  The polls close at midnight PST Nov. 15th, and we'll announce the winner and runner-up of the inaugural The Untz Challenge on Nov. 16th.  Remember, the first prize is Ableton Live 8 and a Novation Launchpad.  The runner-up gets Ableton's Live Intro along with a Novation Dicer.  All 8 finalists get to have their tracks critiqued by some of the biggest names in electronic music.

What is your Favorite "Burnin' Down the House" Track in The Untz Challenge? free polls

1. Set Yourself on Fire - MuscleHawk

2. Zombie Robot – Devin Martin

3. Ebb n’ Flow – Gregory Perrin

4. Seven - McADOO

5. Creep – Krrs24

6. Memnon - illoom

7. FLORIUM – Concrete Jungle

8. Night Shadows – Martin Kelement

9. Floored - Arpetrio

10. Spooknasty - The Great Electro Dream Machine – Fast Nasty

11. 5.37am Outside The Tube – Box Mouse

12. Vanuata (short edit) – djblackmagic

13. 13th Floor – Chlorophil

14. Clockwise – Sep D

15. Gossamery – Sound Cypher

16. Jime Time - Hausmeister