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Published: October 8, 2010



The Untz Challenge is off and running! After a big first round battle in the Glitch My Breaks bracket (over 860 votes cast), ELECTRONICAnonymous and The Flying Skulls have finished on top. They'll both move on to the second round, and automatically qualify to have their tracks critiqued by a top industry producer. Remember, the winner of The Untz Challenge gets a copy of Ableton Live 8, and a Novation Launchpad. The runner-up grabs Ableton Live Intro and Novation's Dicer.

Things are just getting started. Voting is now open on the second combo bracket "Trancin' in the Streets & TechNo Prisoners." Sixteen competitors are going head to head to in the trance and techno group for your votes. The top two move on to the next round!


What is your Favorite "Trancin' in the Streets - TechNo Prisoners" Track? free polls


1. Brontoburger (Au Jus Mix) - Leave Trace

2. Mirage - Terrakroma

3. Baked Shake - beatfreaque

4. Summer so Far - Felkon

5. Arcade Games - Michael Knead

6. Hang Up - ADSR

7. Reaction - ManipulatioN

8. Filthy Hippies on Weed - Dirty Ganesh

9. Area 5 slash 4 (Feat. May) - DohaK

10. Motor City - IMIX

11. Forget tha details dub step trance mix take 2 - Ryan Knowles

12. Sunset - Joe Schaeffer

13. Reality of Life - Renato B Project

14. Chords of Life - Mike Demirele

15. Awakening - Evan Miller

16. Prisma - Noisecraft