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Favorite ThisTemplo releases Sunrise Vol II [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: April 27, 2015

By: Dustin Huff

Liam Shea, better known as Templo in our corner of the scene, just released his dreamy downtempo collection Sunrise Vol. II.

The EP opens with 'Mai Dai' which is a soothing uptempo firework in your earbuds that produces a kinetic type of zen. It took me back to some downtempo escapes like older Royksopp or Tycho. Fans of Bonobo should be really happy with The Untz of late, having this new Templo release, and the amazing Frameworks album that was reviewed last week.

The theme to the new Templo pack is very Asian in mode, and I kept thinking I was riding a gondola over a Japanese mountain as I got further in the EP. The third track 'Peaking Over' has a lot of juicy texture that fans of multiple genres can appreciate. It's dreamy, yet upbeat; tranquil yet growing towards higher energy.

The EP is a perfect way to start the day with a smile or a fantastic way to end the night before a peaceful sleep. Not many artists can do that with their music. If you want something you can play at any minute of the day, I would urge one to check the new Templo EP out.

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