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Favorite ThisTemplo launches the low-end rocket 'Grid Color'

Published: August 3, 2017

By: Lisa Humble

TemploJust out on Gravitas Recordings and as a free download is “Grid Color,” the striking new single from Colorado producer Templo. Known for his experimental leanings and richly innovative productions that cross trip-hop, psychedelic and dub genres, this new bit for the Infusion series has us feeling all kinds of intense.

Low-end groove and formidable, stomping riffs gather in power and progression throughout the duration of Liam Shea's cinematic “Grid Color,” hooking you in and enveloping you in a heavy mesh of styles and flavors as it does so.

With Templo now playing alongside names such as Shpongle and Kalya Scintilla, this brand new tune shows us exactly why his name continues to rise from the crowd. Catch him this Saturday at ARISE Music Festival in Loveland, Colorado.

Tags: Glitch