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Favorite ThisTelevisor - Dream Soda

Published: August 29, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

This is it. This is what we though the new Daft Punk album would sound like. Don't get us wrong, we love RAM, but we were kind of expecting this nu-disco, future funk hybrid that Televisor has stumbled upon. Blending the complextro aesthetic with a deep desire for fun and funky grooves, this highly precies, well-oiled track rumbles through town on a diplomatic mission to shake booties old and young. The delicate and precise edits right around the vocals show this meticulous attention to detail that really makes the track shine. And that fun little guitar solo at the end--that's just dynamite. This really is a circular society, and if we're heading back to the disco age, ain't nobody gonna say this sucks! This one's out on Monstercat now (who else).