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Favorite ThisTeam Bayside High: Loudpack EP Review

Published: July 31, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Team Bayside High might not include classic TV characters like Zach Morris and Screech from the critically-panned 90’s show Saved by the Bell, but it is made up of two bass slinging Chicago residents who know how to get the party started.
Rick Carrico and Derek Berry have been killing it of late with an infectious sound that will riddle through the minds of its listeners, and stay stuck up there for a long time. Their catchy tunes have just enough energy to keep people enthralled, while unleashing the perfect serving of bounce to have any audience going wild. This is evident from their dance worthy remixes of artists like Matt & Kim and Flosstradamus, along with pulsating original tracks like “Here We Go” and “Paper Jungle.”
On the duo’s LOUDPACK EP released via Teenage Riot Records (JFK of MSTRKRFT's Label), we witness them taking their sound to uncharted territories, while showing how quickly they have progressed.  
First up is “Loch Ness Monster,” which is an incredibly bouncy track that features emphatic beat progressions and addicting trap tones; the creature itself might be a myth, but this cut is completely real.
“Overdrawn” is a synth-smacking anthem that features catchy vocal samples stating “Run the Trap,” while steezy bass tones strike throughout to adequately suck its listeners in.
Team Bayside High pushes it to the limit on a trapped out EP that is sure to help them solidify their place in this continually progressing genre, while proving to the world they are here to stay.

Tags: Hard DanceElectroHouse