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Favorite ThisTastemakers Adapted Records bring the funk with new compilation

Published: November 2, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Adapted Records has just released Volume 3 in its Glitch ‘n’ Funk compilation series. With so much good music overflowing from each end of this thing, it’s hard to say what to look forward to the most.

In 15 tracks, 15 artists give us a taste test of their particular take on a peculiar, but undeniably groovy genre. Each track brings something new to the table. The expanse of production prowess and a wide array of digital and live instruments leave an earful to sift through. We even get an extra special something from The Untz festival alums, Grid Division, which may end up stealing our excitement most. Other standouts include Mouldy Soul, Cheshire, and a striking opener from Beat Fatigue. Newcomers Jesswah and Sugarpunch also pack in the groove, and Rick & Morty fans will dig the reference from Farfetchd Squelch.

Want to check it out? We got you covered with the link to the full compilation and more info on how to download. Have a favorite from the release? Let us know at The Untz on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more!

Snag Glitch ‘n’ Funk Vol. 3 from Adapted Records now!

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