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Favorite ThisTAKE - Podcast Episode 70

Published: May 31, 2011

For more than a decade, Tom Wilson, a.k.a. TAKE, a.k.a. Sweatson Klank, has been has been busy producing his own unique type of electronic music that fuses downtempo, ambient, lo-fi jazz, and breaks with the hip-hop aesthetic. Since its inception, TAKE has been a vanguard in the L.A. beat music scene with his Sketchbook night that laid the foundation for Low End Theory, the cutting edge Wednesday night West Coast institution.

This weekend, TAKE will be bringing his West Coast stylings to the sweaty masses at Wakarusa Festival. Tomorrow late, late night, or Friday early morning, however you want to butter your bread, TAKE will be holding down the Sunrise Set from 6-7:30am. Regardless of whether you're up late, or just starting off your morning, this set is sure to be a rager.

Next time on The Untz Podcast, we'll have a big ol', double-episode Summer Camp Festival recap featuring an on-site interview with superstars Big Gigantic, and featuring music from Daedelus, MT Nasty, Papadosio, and more! There are a ton of huge names in the hopper, but the plan is to reveal those names on Twitter, so that fans of the show can Tweet in their questions for upcoming guests. The show now has a dedicated Twitter account run by host Anand Harsh, @theuntzpodcast,  who will generally be Tweeting about Untz Podcast related things, but also about random electronic music news and updates. Follow in line!

This episode is sponsored by Wakarusa and Interstellar Meltdown.




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