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Favorite ThisTAHABDRA premieres wildly innovative 'IBOGA'

Published: March 8, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

TAHABDRALeave it to Berklee School of Music grads to leave my menial music theory understanding in the dust.

Boston's TAHABDRA are reimagining drum & bass in a furiously unique way. Breaking electronic music production all the way down to its essential elements—all the way down to the tuning, makes you wonder what else drummer/producer Josh Weinberg and DJ/producer Wiggz Caro can do.

Best to let them put it in their own words:

TRIPTYCH is a three fold voyage through the ferocious and chaotic. Fusing digital with organic elements along with the unique tuning system combining the biological resonant frequency 528Hz, the golden ratio, and Fibonacci sequence to provide a juxtaposition between light and darkness. Three distinct yet intertwined stories asking you to rip apart the fabric of what you know as reality and pave your own path.

Weinberg and Caro today premiere “IBOGA,” one of three tunes from the TRIPTYCH EP, and make drum and bass boldly their own with unexpected patterns and an industrial edge. These two impress, and it's not just their pedigree, being able to bridge esoteric production with music that makes people actually move is a gift.

Tags: Drum and Bass