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Favorite ThisSYNKRO & Indigo: Guidance Review

Published: June 7, 2011

By: Summer Li

The UK is the birthplace of some of the most innovative and expressive producers in the bass community so it comes as no surprise that one of the most cutting-edge releases this year comes from two up-and-coming artists from Manchester. SYNKRO and Indigo, who both debuted on Exit Records earlier in April with solo productions on the compilation Mosaic Vol. 1, return this week to drop their new collaboration Guidance. The founder of Exit Records, drum & bass producer dBridge envisioned the label expanding beyond just the drum & bass genre and the new 12’’ is a worthy example of this departure.

“Guidance” is the sonic manifestation of desire and yearning, an emotional masterpiece that manages to evade all sappiness. The lush tune progresses with an arousing hum and rides a baby-makin’ tempo of 85 bpm. The soft cries of indiscernible vocals add perfect sensuality to a track already dripping with so much emotion. It is pure sex and one of the best things I have heard in recent months. “Reflection” is of a similar ethereal atmosphere, but contains less emotion than the former. The percussion here is more pronounced with light drum rolls ending in a grandeur clap (claps often make the track, I’m a huge fan). This b-side is much less vulnerable and has a warrior tone, each contact with the drum both deep and resonant. The two tracks go beyond creating mere ambience and incorporate 2-step inspired rhythm.

Liam Blackburn, the man behind the Indigo moniker, founded his own label, Mindset Records, in 2008 and has been crafting his own sound since. The garage/2-step producer Joe Synkro is one of the more established ones on the label, but combined with the dub techno influences of Blackburn, the two really transcend electronica and explore the infinite possibilities in software production.