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Favorite ThisSweatson Klank - 15 Bucks ft Doc Illingsworth

Published: March 13, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Merging the worlds of hip-hop, R&B, and electronica, Sweatson Klank is leading the charge to put a little soulfulness back into the music industry. Formerly known as TAKE, Tom Wilson re-emerged as a sultry, sexy composer oozing with passion and deeply devoted to injecting story back into the electronic scene. Coming up as a pioneer in the beat scene, Wilson's alter ego Sweatson Klank takes the moody soundscapes of beat and floods it with emotion and guest vocalists and rappers who can provide the  sort of open-heart elocution the backing tracks demand.

Today's premiere of "15 Bucks" with rapper Doc Illingsworth traffics in the sort of personal monology that makes up You, Me, Temporary, Wilson's third, full-length album. The honest poetry of Illingsworth, coupled with the sparse synthwork sets the tone for what it is to be a broke artist hustling to keep up with work, relationships, and a dog-eat-dog lifestyle trying to bite your ass. The album, which will be released via German label Project: Mooncircle, is coming out as three vinyl LPs sprawling across 25 tracks featuring plenty of bonus instrumentals. With the release date set for April 2nd, we look forward to the variety of textures expected with this latest Sweatson Klank offering.