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Favorite ThisSwamp funk superstar Savej debuts 'Vibez', out Friday the 13th Otodayo

Published: November 12, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

The funk is strong with Donnie Bergeron. Back in September, we debuted "Swamp Funk" from Savej's Archetypes EP, which dropped on French label Otodayo. Well that's exactly how you can describe Bergeron's sound. It's a swampy, funky, trappy, trippy gumbo of the best sounds in the electronic music realm with plenty of swing.

Today, we're thrilled to bring fans "Vibez," ahead of its November 13th release, once again on Otodayo. This wild ride is miles ahead of its competitors, with top-notch production, and more of that Cajun flair. There is a breakout star brewing on the bayou, and fans are about to freak out when they get a load of this guy.

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip HopTrap