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Favorite ThisSuperVision: Telescopic

Published: October 25, 2011

By Jamie Reysen

Telescopic sees no genre boundaries.

Richard Blake Hansen, better known as SuperVision, released his debut album Telescopic at the end of September through the Pretty Lights Music label. In many ways, SuperVision sounds like the prodigal child of Pretty Lights, with his glitchy electro beats and widespread integration of chopped samples. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s just another Pretty Lights imitator — SuperVision manages to craft a sound and style that’s very much his own.

Within each track, SuperVision displays artful, interesting progressions. Many of his songs evolve and shape-shift over time, with unexpected genres bursting out around every corner. Some tracks even begin to feel less like one song and more like an expertly blended, four-minute mix. “Lost in Bass”—my favorite song on the album—begins with a clear, funky bass rhythm and develops into a modern take on old soul sound, powered by bluesy beats and a jazzy vocal sample.

Vocals are big on Telescopic. Samples of a female singer are well complimented by layers of electro-beats on “Giving Me Time.” Meanwhile, “Yes, Indeedy” uses a catchy chorus to mesh that old-school hip-hop sound with experimental electro.

A heavy drum rhythm and beats that twinkle like constellations make “Milky Way Stop” a stand-out—and aptly named—song on the album. Another unique track is “Who Am I,” co-produced by Michal Menert. The two PLM artists have such different styles, and they come together beautifully in this collaborative song, powered by classical-sounding vocals, distorted bass, and subtle string sections.

This album is a must-listen – it has to be one of my favorite fall releases thus far. Download Telescopic for free on the PLM website, and get ready for this November’s PLM fall tour, featuring SuperVision, Menert and Gramatik, with performances by Paul Basic set for most of the Colorado tour dates.

Check it out for yourself!

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