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Favorite ThisSuperVision: Telekinetic

Published: June 5, 2013
By: Charles Walker

Just in time to reheat the summer electro scene, SuperVision proudly released his hottest handiwork yet, Telekinetic, via Pretty Lights Music. It single handedly illustrates the futuristic sound and structure of what PLM is about, on top of proving SuperVision as an infallible turntable abuser and master crate-digger, ultimately making Telekinetic a kaleidoscope of energetic sounds.
With only six tracks on the EP, SuperVision features unmistakable drum rhythms paired with extreme bass drops, advanced synth styles, and an assortment of genres represented by his hand-selected samples. The superior fills and superb electronic build outs take these tracks and put them on that next level tip.
As sampled in “Super Like Vision,” the right music can make it all come alive, and this EP is living proof of that. Download it now via

Tags: GlitchHip Hop