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Favorite ThisSunSquabi - Freedom

Published: June 27, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
"Freedom" can mean a lot of things--Breaking the chains of oppression, consequence free expression of thoughts or actions. For Boulder-based livetronica trio SunSquabi, it means shattering the assumptions of just what it means to be a livetronica act in 2012. For some, melding bluesy, soaring riffs with contemporary production techniques results in a Frankenstein monster of haphazard spare parts bolted together in an uncomfortable mass. For Sunsquabi, Kevin Donohue's guitar work, aching with soul and syrup free, melds effectively with side-chained bass from Andrew Clymer and sharp e-drumming from Chris Anderson. Whether this machine was assembled in the studio or on a laptop, the effect is the same, as big live sets at State Bridge Amphitheater,Wakarusa, and Sonic Bloom have cemented Sunsquabi's reputation in the past month as a newcomer to the scene that is sure to make its presence felt. "Freedom" is the future. Don't forget to catch the SunSquabi when they team up this Saturday with DYNOHUNTER, Lucid Vision, and 2NUTZ at the Bluebird Theater in Denver.