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Favorite ThisSunSquabi - Anytime EP [FREE DOWNLOAD from Adapted Records]

Published: May 10, 2015

By: Ali Van Houten

Colorado’s SunSquabi is helping usher in the new era of funk, and the trio's latest EP, Anytime, sure isn’t hurting its cause.

Short but sweet, the three-song EP kicks things off with the title track, a bumpin’ future-funk ditty worthy of any Gramatik compilation. “Bubs” follows it up with a Floozies-esque synth line and some jungle boogie bass to get your dancing feet grooving. And while “Anytime” is touted as the single off the EP, “Mob Boss” is an equally standout song featuring that original, creative SunSquabi sound we’ve all been craving since their last release.

So what are you waiting for? Crank this riotous funk jam and get down, friends.

Tags: GlitchHip HopLivetronica