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Favorite ThisSunny psy-breaks: Wolfen Technologies' Golden Fractals [Shanti Planti]

Published: December 23, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

Delight in creativity and awareness. The debut album Golden Fractals from Shanti Planti’s own Wolfen Technologies has found its way to the airwaves from deep within the contemplative spirit of native Englishman Tom Chant

Golden Fractals is a work of pure dedication. Self-mastered and emblazoned with original album artwork, this compilation is a love child of the Wolfen Technologies project. Nine tracks of deep, experimental, chilled sounds include flavors of glitch-hop, neuro basslines, and emotive melodies, laden with silky overtones fit for a mid-afternoon meditation or a late evening romp around a glistening dance floor. Mr. Chant, within the Wolfen Technologies persona, has channeled a movement of sheer pleasure, more than apparent throughout each piece of this album.

The title track is a shining example of the beauty and depth of this album. Spirited, yet humble, the string lines and drum kicks bounce across the spacey sound scape, playfully and with sincere intention. The synths ripple through light, splashing drops of a brilliant glow across the minds eye.

“Dancefloor Dub” comes out of the shadows near the end of this album with expertly crafted percussion waving over the tantalizing echo of dubbed out voices in the mist. This is a track that embodies the appeal of Wolfen Technologies and the tight grasp he has in bringing vision to life.

With an incredible diversity in selection for this album, each piece can be seen as a statement contained within the singular presentation, but as a whole the “Golden Fractals” album unveils a wider connectivity between sound and experience worthy of exploring.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoGlitch