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Favorite ThisSugarpill: Mind Machine EP Review

Published: February 1, 2011


By: Kerry McNeil

Sugarpill - Mind Machine EPLos Angeles native Evan Sugarpill is back with more polytemponic glitch on his new EP, Mind Machine. Following his 2010 release, Flow Goggles, Sugarpill continues to deliver heavy, clean beats with a noticeable hip-hop influence.

A man of many trades, Sugarpill is not only a musician—he also produces, DJs, and writes—just to name a few of his many other talents. Well-known in the glitch-hop community, Sugarpill’s latest work will be released on Simplify Recordings February 4th.

Mind Machine’s first track, “B.K.,” starts with a catchy, trance-like beat that continues throughout the track, overlaid with Sugarpill’s carefully constructed glitch-hop style and escalating into a powerful, heavy drop that delivers an explosive opening to the EP.

Continuing in Sugarpill’s seemingly effortless style, “D.O.E.B.D.” has a flowing, well-assembled sound to it, creating a glitchy and bass-heavy track.

“Peeing On The Seat” is a stand-out track from the EP—strongly hip-hop influenced with quick beats and tons of glitchy samples that are hard not to bounce to.

The last track, “Supperclub,” is an intense mesh of bass and glitch rhythms drifting off to end a satisfying EP.

Sugarpill’s signature bouncing bass and meticulously crafted beats on Mind Machine will float through your speakers and get stuck in your head for days.

Sugarpill - Mind Machine EP Sampler

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