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Favorite ThisSugarBeats - Nickles [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: March 26, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Pay attention folks, because we’re only going to say this once. The record isn’t skipping and you haven’t gone crazy, we’ve just intentionally dosed your eardrums with an unrelenting supply of sugar—SugarBeats that is. West coast gunslingers Golden Toast and Badmath are in their element when coalescing glitched out madness with funky fresh beats, injecting nonstop energy into each dancefloor they launch. The duo’s second release, Cherry Bomb is finally seeing the light of day on April 1st via Street Ritual, and it’s a doozy, ya’ll. Alongside a collection of bass blaring original tunes are official remixes from Mr. Bill and kLL sMTH, cementing the duo’s continuous progression since joining forces last summer. Today we’ve scored an exclusive download for all those glitch heads out there, so drop whatever your doing and let the party begin.

“Nickles” was born and bred to get people moving. Head-turning instrumentations immediately surge throughout your conscious, packing a relentless punch while amalgamating effervescent soundwaves with tenacious snares. The track’s uncanny fluctuation continually keeps you guessing, juxtaposing melodic synth sections with grimy bursts of bass.

The release of Cherry Bomb is right around the corner, so screw the high-school shenanigans of April fools day, and spend the first riding around town bumpin’ that new new. In SugarBeats we trust!