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Favorite ThisSugarBeats: Honey Jar EP Review

Published: November 26, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Most people grow up with an insatiable sweet tooth for certain candies. Whether it was Twizzlers, Nerds, or Smarties, we could all pick our poison. As we get older, the desire for candy seems to rule our thought process a little less, but that doesn’t mean we’re still not searching for something sweet.

On that note, let us formally introduce you to SugarBeats. The duo combines the funky production of Golden Toast (Ashland, Oregon) and Badmath (San Francisco), to craft a swaggering style of bass music meant to erupt any dance floor. They have worked together in the past before, and are finally prepared to unveil their debut release via StreetRitual.

The aptly titled Honey Jar EP takes off with “Galactose,” which sails into your eardrums with jazzy instrumentations and floor rattling snare hits. The track snags influences from generations of previous musical periods, while simultaneously crafting something fresh and unique.

“Sweet Toof” gently builds up with haunting background tones and menacing movie quotes, before unleashing playful synths that speak directly to any listener. Contrasting drum patterns pitter their way throughout, providing a rambunctious underbelly for the song’s glitched out upper body.

“Bubblegum Rainbow Drops” drives the hammer home with adrenaline rushing synth lines and eerie snares. The tune seems to play off listener’s emotions, starting with a slow and somber feel. Although by the end, your mind is racing at full speed while brimming with complete bliss and utter radiance.

Four out of five dentists may not approve the candy-coated sound of SugarBeats, but it’s got our taste buds running wild. The two effortlessly blend their respective styles on Honey Jar, in turn creating a groove-laden symphony.

Tags: Glitch