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Favorite ThisSuDs has a message for you: F. Society

Published: January 30, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz FestivalWe're starting to get butterflies thinking about the incredible new acts taking the stage at The Untz Festival this summer. Our homies at ShadowTrix Music in particularly have hand-selected a rowdy crew of cutting-edge bass producers who love nothing more than to take chances and push the game forward.

One of those rising young stars is Christian Sudweeks. On the verge of releasing a brand new EP tomorrow (January 31), SuDs shares with us a sneak preview of his bold new collection.

According to Sudweeks, the cult hit Mr. Robot changed the game for him. A tribute to the surrealist and downright spooky thriller about hacker culture and the broader dangers lurking in our interconnected, corporate-run civilization, the new SuDs EP, F. Society, matches the dystopian confusion of this not-so-alternate reality with gritty soundscapes and rough edits. “Wasteland” in particular evokes a gnawing sense of doom that mirrors the nightly news we can't seem to pull away from these days.

Bleak, yes? Fuckin' radical? You bet. You're going to want to join us in Mariposa, California this summer to see how it all unfolds on stage.

Tags: Dubstep