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Favorite ThisSubaqueous previews new EP with 'Slipstream' featuring The Adaptive

Published: September 27, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Over the years, Isaac Cotec's career in the arts, both visual and aural, has evolved through many phases. On October 11, the chrysalis gives way and the latest iteration of Subaqueous' sound emerges. Slipstream represents a new sonic statement from the Seattelite with a penchant for ambient and downtempo grooves with a twinkle of psychedelia.

We have the privilege of sharing the title track from the new EP, "Slipstream," which features fellow Pacific Northwest performer and producer, The Adaptive, on guitar. Delicate and flowy, the piece is an enticing entreé into the world of Subaqeous for fans of Emancipator, Random Rab, or Eskmo. This new tune, perhaps more than any other song on the album, screams sunrise set.

The EP will be out in two weeks on Chillage Records. You can catch Cotec in the flesh at Here and Now in Porltand, Oregon on release day, and he also joins the aforementioned Rab as well as Bluetech on November 3 in Seattle.

Tags: DowntempoElectronicaLivetronica