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Favorite ThisStylust Beats - R.Y.F.S.O. review [Out for FREE on Play Me]

Published: September 12, 2013
By: Becca Bradshaw

Vancouver bass master, Geoff “Stylust” Reich, has climbed to the top this year with killer sets at world-renowned music festivals Shambhala and Burning Man.  As if that wasn’t enough today, Stylust Beats, without hesitation is ready to drop jaws with a brand new album release for free via Play Me Records: R.Y.F.S.O.
The new album has been boasted to have a “hypnotic soundscape filled with spiraling melodic buildups and drops fused together by a robust mix of synths and snares that are both warm and exhilarating in their delivery.” R.Y.F.S.O is a beautiful demonstration of Reich’s mastery in the art of mashing up genres in a crisp, refreshing manner, creating a genius approach at pulling in fanatics across the broad musical spectrum.
Stylust BeatsStylust kickstarts R.Y.F.S.O. with two hot hitters that premiered on Soundcloud earlier this week. The first, “Power Surge” a-powerful, high-energy dubstep track and “Baby I’m a Pro,” a future funk, trap beat sounding the twerk team alarm.
Shaking things up a little Stylust takes you on an upbeat, spellbinding, drug-induced, Hunter S. Thompson-esque ride, driving straight into a lights off, sensual and tantalizing expedition. Keeping it old school with fun, homespun, hip-hop beats “Maybe I’m Dreamin” turn us all into, as lyrically stated, Kush Smoking Wizards!
Now that you’re drawn into the pipe-dream hallucination Geoff created for you, R.Y.F.S.O ends with “Dreamscapes” haunting you with deep melodic organ based dubstep and “At Night” snapping you back into reality with a glitch hop banging outro under whose spell you’ll find yourself hypnotically swaying.
Stylust Beats’s Rip.Your.Fucking.Sleeves.Off never stops delivering bass-filled energy keeping you grooving, moving, and shaking what ya momma gave ya, from beginning to end. Make sure to pick up R.Y.F.S.O. available for free download via Play Me Records now!