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Favorite ThisStreet Ritual assembles a comp For The Hennys

Published: July 2, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

For The HennysHennessey Sound Design has swept the nation's underground bass community up with its clean and clear subsonic sound. Innovative technology and a responsive team that has converted even the crustiest fans of other bigger brands to its newfangled approach has made demand for Hennys at bass-focused events big and small as rabid as that for the artists themselves.

To that end, cutting-edge bass label Street Ritual has teamed up with several Hennessey Sound Design crews to gather some of the best in the underground sound to contribute tracks to a Hennessey-centric compilation. Curated specifically with clarity of low-end in mind, Street Ritual and the crews amassed an all-star lineup that includes beardthug, Murkury, base2, Danny Grooves, Dillard, Resonant Language, Smigonaut, Toadface, and so many more.

The compilation is the result of a curation process including TIAGA Sound and Lighting, Synchronistic Sounds, 767 Audio, Unify Mountain Soundz, Alethia Sound, Elemental Sounds Audio, Pusha Management, SuperKollider Sound, Mass Events, and Hennessey Sound Design, itself.

Today we feature a brand new contribution to the comp from Mike Wallis. One-third of K.L.O with Kursa and Lone Drum, and one-half of Crunch with Tipper, Wallis played a scintillating downtempo set at The Untz Festival early last month that still has fans in a puddle shortly after his recent Osmetic EP release. With “Tech Rolla,” Wallis takes a techno build into a halftime shuffle with a sturdy drum and bass backbeat. It's a complete trip, but blast this thing through a finely-tuned Hennessey rig, and you'll just caught in the blissful bass groove.

This stacked compilation drops July 16, but you can pre-order it today from Street Ritual

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