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Favorite ThisStream the new SOULEYE album Shapeshifting ahead of its 10-27 release!

Published: October 26, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Conscious rapper and frequent electronic and dance music collaborator SOULEYE is giving fan's a stream of his new album, Shapeshifting, which officially drops tomorrow (October 27th). Having collaborated with Bassnectar, Stephan Jacobs, Random Rab, and more, the left-field hip-hop artist has always found himself a home in different genres and changing styles and sound--hence the album's name.

Gem & Jam 2016Listeners are eased into the positivity with "Human Overwhelm," a delicate hip-hop tune full of acoustic guitars and messages about self-love. "Magic Life" will bring fans familiar with Souleye's dubstep dabbling with Bassnectar and MiM0SA a new side, which pairs the heavy-hitting sounds with the smooth flow.

"More Than Five" changes Souleye's delivery, as he hits the ratatat with more emphasis following in line with the ultra-glitch beat that keeps the BPM's rocketing skyward into a half time Caribbean chorus. This will be a set highlight when the underground rapper takes the stage.

Another bass-fueled anthem, "Our Flight" pairs heartfelt sentiment with psychedelic beats and deep, groovy melodies. The album's single, "The Victim," leans heaviest into the glitch-hop realm, while still maintaining a mainstream sensibility. Souleye has always made sure to keep his eye on mainstream success, making sure his underground sound still has mass appeal.

While the album Shapeshifting has serious crossover potential, Souleye keeps popping up with our favorite underground electronic artists on the live stage and in the studio. He hits one of the best collections of seriously good dance music coming up in February at Gem & Jam in Tucson, AZ alongside Beats Antique, Lettuce, Lyrics Born, Nahko, The Polish Ambassador, Desert Dwellers, Exmag, and more, and will launch a national tour from there.

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