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Favorite ThisSTL Moon Tribe brings tons of workshops to The Untz Festival

Published: January 10, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

STL Moon TribeWe're having difficulty containing our excitement for The Untz Festival, which returns to beautiful Mariposa, California the first weekend of June. While the music lineup is getting a lot of attention, we wanted to turn our fans' attentions to our other offerings which have been exciting us just as much. Our stunning roster of artists is only part of the story, as the fine folks at STL Moon Tribe have climbed on board to curate our overflowing schedule of wellness, education, and spirituality workshops.

On both Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4, programming will run at the STL Moon Tribe area ranging from yoga to meditation to cacao ceremonies to dream interpretation. A stunning assembly of yogis, philosophers, reiki experts, and nutritionists will help center, calm, and rejuvenate our fans from 8am to 8pm both days covering a wild assortment of topics.

Well before we're able to release our music schedule, and even before our full lineup is complete, we at The Untz are thrilled to bring festivalgoers a sneak peek at what will be happening at our health and wellness workshops throughout the weekend, and give fans a chance to "meet" our fine lineup of experts.

Saturday, June 3

Morning Yoga — Vinyasa Flow

Dream Interpretation Pt 1 — Universal Language of Mind
by Genevieve Markowski

Meditation — Intro To Still Minded Meditation
by Nicki & Danny

Craft Workshop — Felting With Wool
by Ariel

The Dance of Yoga
by Kelsey Kaleta

Reiki Lesson & Attunements
by Taj

Meditation — Gong Bath & Singing Bowls
by Joe Bill & Mo Castello

Yoga — Tantric Body Love
by Lorraine Clarkson

Return To Light Ceremony
by Andrew Tansil

Sared Cacao Ceremony
by Zach Eternity

Sunday, June 4

Morning Yoga — Open Stretch & Flow

Morning Meditation — Elemental Sounds
by Aric Sangchat

Dream Workshop Pt 2 — Dream Walking
by Genevieve Markowski

Eye See Your Soul
by Nicki and Danny

Expansion Yoga
by Lorraine Clarkson

Finding Your Inner Artist
by Brandon Arnold

Unleash Your Inner Flow
by Matt Stolling

Guided Meditation for Manifestation
by Andrew Tansil

Chakra Workshop
by Kelsey Kaleta

Sound Healing and Reiki Share
by Joe Bill, Mo Castello, and Taj

Mediumship Workshop
by Andrew Tansil

Kava Kava Ceremony
by Zach Eternity

Joe Bill

Joe Bill is a certified gemologist, a Reiki master, a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics. He loves to lead meditations, heal people using gong baths and turn people onto their higher spiritual selves.

Joe Bill


Ariel is a graduate of Lifeways North America and aspiring Waldorf Nursery school teacher, who teaches a holistic approach to child development.


Brandon Arnold

Brandon is a visual artist who breathes the world of higher consciousness into his paintings and art. He frequently tours the country connecting festival goers to the joy of their inner light.

Brandon Arnold

Mo Costello

Mo is a certified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, vibrational sound practitioner, and uses quartz crystal singing bowls as healing instruments. She is also one of two members of Luna ladies, involved in a yoga community called WE Yoga, and a member of STL MOON TRIBE.

Mo Costello

Lorraine Clarkson

Lorraine is a transformational coach, bodyworker and facilitator who helps empower people to live from their essence. Lorraine teaches a variety of healing processes using cognitive restructuring, movement, ancient teachings and energy work.

Lorraine Clarkson

Zach Eternity

Zach is shamanic worker , a spiritual alchemist, and herbalist. He also specializes in meditation, Tao refinement, entheogen plants, higher vibrational foods, and esoteric symbology.

Zach Eternity

Danny Hallam and Nicki Koenen

Danny and Nicki are both teachers and students at the School of Metaphysics in St. Louis. Hallam is skilled in dream interpretation, while Koenen specializes in Abundance.

Danny and Nicki

Kelsey Kaleta

Kelsey is a Performance Artist whose dance routines include belly dance, yoga, modern and hula-hoop dance. Kelsey travels around the U.S. to share knowledge and passion for connecting dance with the spirit.

Kelsey Kaleta

Genevieve Markowski

Genevieve teaches Mind and Universal Law metaphysics at The School of Metaphysics (SOM). She is also a Director of The Society of Intuitive Research at the SOM St. Louis branch, a practicing Intuitive Reporter, able to access the Akashic Records to report Universal Truth, and an experienced dream interpreter.

Aric Sangchat

Aric is an intuitive visionary artist who fuses together deep, ambient, spacey, sacred elemental tracks and meditative visions to create an atmosphere that takes listeners on a journey for a higher purpose.


Taj channels 4 different energy streams including Reiki, Metatronic energies, the Golden Ray, and All Love SKHM. With almost a decade worth of experience healing and attuning others, Taj travels nationwide, offering his healing abilities to those in need.

Andrew Tansil

Andrew is a master of the art of play. He believes and embodies the lightness of life and shares this light with anyone ready to transform themselves into their natural, unconditioned self again. He only sees the beauty and opportunity in the world and shares his vision with a fierce tenacity. His mission is to transform this earth one soul at a time by inspiring people to question their beliefs and give them the courage to live life authentically. Own yourself and own your power is at the base of his message and he makes this clear at every opportunity to speak. He currently serves a spiritualist church as a speaker, medium, and healer and is a teacher at the School of Metaphysics.

Davide Weaver

Weaver is an artist who creates pieces that raise the consciousness of the community by highlighting important political topics and issues in urban life. His work inspires people to create a more beautiful and insightful community.

Matt Stolling

Matt is a Fire Dancer and Flame Effects Specialist with more than 5 years experience performing throughout the San Joaquin Valley, LA, and Bay Areas for every kind of event from festivals to corporate parties to NFL games. Skills in his arsenal include fire poi, fire staff/contact staff/dragon staff, fire whip, fire sword, fire breathing, slackline, and juggling.

Deej Stewart

Dj is an incredible glass artist with years of experience behind the torch. He travels the world with with his mind bending art and he always has his flow equipment close by. He specializes in Fire poi and rope dart.