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Favorite ThisSteve Aoki - Podcast Episode 136

Published: October 23, 2012

Steve Aoki is totally bent on world domination. He was recently voted #15 in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, after burning up the US with his huge Deadmeat tour with Datsik and more. His label Dim Mak is stronger than ever with releases from indie rockers, electro-house producers, hardcore acts, and everything else you can think of. After all the touring and all the accolades, the magnanimous DJ and producer still maintains that "the show is 90% about the music, the remaining 10% is what gets you in." Which we assume means that he's going to continue to throw wild shows with tons of cake, crowd-rafting, and lots and lots of champagne. That partying lifestyle has even gotten him into some new media projects.

ChasingToday marks the launch of his new web series Chasing with Steve Aoki which pits three teams of die hard fans in a competition to win a night of unforgettable partying with the superstar DJ, himself. The series will be eight episodes, and culminates with the winners celebrating their victory with Aoki. Tons more cake, champagne, and crowd-rafting, if you can believe it. Catch up with the show at or on Facebook at

Hat ReleaseTomorrow afternoon, that’s Wednesday, October 24th, The Untz Podcast will be live in Denver, CO. Anand Harsh lining up a killer panel at the Grassroots California store at 2209 Larimer St. right there in downtown Denver. Stephan Jacobs will be celebrating the release of his eponymous debut album and new GRC hat with a free set, we’ll also have Spankalicious and DJ SOLO who are hitting the Larimer Lounge later that night. The team at GRC got themselves a new smoker, so there's going to be some hot and fresh meat, as well as great beats. And don't forget beer for the 21+ crowd. Meant clothing will be unveiling their new fall line, and GRC has some new jackets they want to show off. DJ Ishe and A. Rich with Futurebass Radio from HOT 107.1FM will make an appearance, and it's just going to be a good, ol' fashioned party.

If you can’t make it to Denver tomorrow, you can stream the panel and Stephan Jacobs set via Google+ Hangout at 4:20 MDT. watch and for all the details. hope to see you out there tomorrow.

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