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Favorite ThisStephen Walking - Walkers

Published: November 29, 2012

Jiminy Christmas, Monstercat needs to let some other labels at least have a chance. As if flooding the dubstep, electro, and drum 'n' bass charts with a litter of monsterkittens wasn't enough, the ultra-progressive label is going after trap. And with a super original sound to boot! Stephen Walking thought "what if I threw some trance synths at a trap track?" And then he did it. And it's just as amazing as you'd think. These big, echoing synths tower over a roiling, boiling beat that's got a fun and funky Latin lilt. When the drop hits with its syncopated sirens, all hell breaks loose. Cute and cuddly "Walkers" is not. This kitten just snacked on Felix and Garfield for breakfast, all teeth and on the prowl. Monstercat is on a rampage.