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Favorite ThisStephan Jacobs: Stephan Jacobs Review

Published: October 25, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Los Angeles Based producer Stephan Jacobs is a music-making machine. He’s released mind-blowing EPs with NiT GriT (Pizza Party) and Ruff Hauser (Kether) under their respective monikers this year, and now his long awaited full-length album has arrived.

The eponymous release shines a light on Jacob’s continually evolving sound, as he pulls influence from the last few years of touring, his hometown, and artists dear to his heart. He’s spent the past summer touring with the Identity Festival and alongside Pretty Lights, but that’s only the beginning for Jacobs.

The album kicks off with “The Turning Leaves,” which gently mesmerizes its listeners’ with lofty snare claps, fluent melodies, and hard-hitting hip-hop samples. Triumphant glitch tones glide throughout the anthemic banger, generating raw energy throughout.

“Tap My Shoulder” strikes immediately with mariachi guitar tones, before unleashing effervescent dub womps and Delevo’s sensual vocals. An addicting tune that quickly snaps genre boundaries in half. “Holy Guacamole” is a delicious track that’s lighty seasoned with symphonic instrumentations, coated with ample servings of tasty snare drums, and served fresh with an unlimited supply of heavenly synths.

“Wander Slow” gracefully combines the savvy craftsmanship of Stephan Jacobs with KOZA”s eerie vocals, resulting in daunting and spine tingling passion; easily the album’s darkest song, yet also the most potent and introspective. “Died On Me” is an immersive cut that gradually eases your spirit from real world constraintsmelody driven, daunting, and thoroughly celestial

Stephan Jacobs continues his unstoppable ascension with another jaw-dropping, glitchd out release. The young gun’s progress is astounding at the least, and the year is still young.

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