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Favorite ThisStephan Jacobs Releases 'Mad Era' on Simplify

Published: September 27, 2011

Mad EraA milestone of artistic and technical progress in the rapidly blooming career of California electronic-music producer Stephan Jacobs, Mad Era represents a turn towards a more technically complex, glitchy, and compositionally advanced style of production. A dabbler in a vast array of genres ranging from Dubstep and Electro to Hip-Hop and Glitch, Stephan’s latest release through Simplify Recordings manages to tie together all these influences into one cohesive yet wildly diverse project.

Squirming, bubbly synthesizers decorate a complex foundation of highly variable drum breakdowns and explosive, slightly mechanical bass-lines. Stephan’s signature transitions from order to chaos remain present in many of the songs on Mad Era, especially in track like “Izzo“. Particularly exceptional and unique for Stephan Jacobs is the track “Cyber Sax” featuring his collaboration with Saxophonist Sergio Flores; lively and soulful melodies sooth the mind of the listener while Stephan demonstrates his vast spectrum of cinematic sound-design while creating a seamless structure for the sax.

Stephan Jacobs - Mad Era


Tags: DubstepGlitchHip Hop