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Favorite ThisStephan Jacobs: New Massive Patches and Sample Bank Available

Published: December 1, 2011

Stephan Jacobs is proud to announce the release of new production tools for those interested in creating huge sounds. This NI Massive pack is a follow-up to his previous release of Massive patches, this time Stephan has also created a go-to sample bank for big drum sounds. Instead of searching through countless sample banks looking for sounds, he has created a bank of his own with many useful drum samples. He has decided to allow up-and-coming producers to purchase these sounds for their tracks. The new patches are available now for $15, and the price of the old patches has been reduced to $10. The 2012 Massive Patches includes 34 huge bass sounds, as well as 15 synth sounds for producers to study and figure out the process of creating the sounds. The sample bank is also available for $15, and we have created a few bundle options that will save you some cash. There is a total of 305 drum samples in the sample bank. Included are 61 huge kick samples, 76 dynamic snares and claps, 102 cymbals, 26 percussion and 40 FX sounds.


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