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Favorite ThisSteerner: Artist Spotlight

Published: July 25, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Steerner aka Niklas Sterner is from Stockholm, and is one of the most recent Swedes to step up in a big way from his scene. He is best known for busting out mind blowing tracks that contain catchy synth lines and groundbreaking build ups; a perfect combo that has been working like a charm for him as he continues to grow with every song he unleashes.

His inescapably edgy sound will capture the attention of anyone from the first time they tune in, which focuses on a thunderous big room house approach that is perfect for getting a massive crowd on their feet. He possesses a cutting edge young gun mentality, and it has helped him create a booming set of tracks that continue to get bigger and better each time.

Some of his most impressive releases include bass heavy revamps of artists like Zedd, Axwell, and Swedish House Mafia, which will give any listener the urge to dance in place from start to finish.

Also worth checking out are his fearless original cuts with fellow Swedish producers such as Jakob Liedholm and Tjernberg, who are all making a huge dent with their infectious style of house music.

Tags: House