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Favorite ThisSpundose previews Relatives release with 'Vector Them In' [January 19]

Published: January 12, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Beam us up, Spunny!

For years, we've been watching Chris Johannesen cultivate his sound. His main project, Spundose, sees a trippy new release on January 19th in the form of Relatives, coming out on Street Ritual. The entire album has the "ancient future" feel for which its creator strives, putting organic, otherworldly sounds up against harsh, synthetic bleeps and bloops.

That balance is best illustrated in today's premiere, "Vector Them In," the lead single from Relatives. Pulling in sonic hallmarks of 808's and street bass sounds, and juxtaposing them with progressive synths and space age samples gives the cut an out-of-body feel. The psychedelic soundscapes laced with contemporary production techniques really demonstrate how far Spundose has coming in his career. The closest thing to come to this type of cut is some of Spankalicious' most avant garde "psychedelic bounce."

With the album out in a week, we're expecting Johannesen's brand to become much more visible in 2016.

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