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Published: December 19, 2013

Andrew Luck and Adam Houghton are BACK. The Seattle-based duo has been hibernating on some solid gold for a minute, but SPLATINUM bursts out of the chilly, rain-soaked PacNW with some brand new fire. Luck and Houghton have crafted a brilliant glitch odyssey, Funkonology, which explores the swang while they do their thang. It's heavy-hitting, rocket straight-to-your-dome funk, and it's unapologetic.
Opener "A Special Place" drops you right into the heart of flavor country. Those snares pop right out of your speakers and slap you around 'til you're hollerin' Uncle. "Octopus Gangbang" reaches its tentacles deep into your eardrums and rattles your brain. The album's highlight "All Through The Night" introduces trill-ier elements into the pair's hard-nosed glitch. But the whole album is assembled to throw your knees into spasms and have you fist-pumping up and down the block.
Snag this puppy tomorrow at, and snag two BONUS tracks. You can also pay-what-you-want, because you're such a good boy! And holy cow, did we fail to mention the stunning infomercial that accompanies this release? For shame! Check it out NOW!! Oh, and watch out for chatty ayahuasca circles. Totes bummer.