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Favorite ThisSPEKt1 debuts 'YaddaYee' from new EP

Published: September 25, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

SPEKt1We pride ourselves on our knowledge of all the hot west coast bass crews. In the upper echelon you find the We Got This crew, who have been around forever, show up at all the big events, and roll deep with a crew of entertainers, DJs, producers, and our kind of weirdos.

This summer, we were blessed to have Sean King out at The Untz Festival. He did a SPEKt1 B2B set with TreyZilla, and covered quite a lot of ground, sonically, in their main stage set. On October 2, King returns to We Got This with Creator Destroyer, an exciting EP that dishes out some west coast sounds, as well as some UK flavors.

Today we premiere the instrumental version of “YaddaYee,” which gets kicked up with verses from Prime Perf on the EP (which you can preview below). Good luck getting that addictive beat out of your head. The rest of the EP is just as hook-laden, and you know you're going to see more of the We Got This crew on your travels next summer.

Tags: Hip HopTrap