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Favorite ThisSpankalicious: "Highest" Expectations Review

Published: September 24, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Everyone could undoubtedly use a little bit of Spankalicious (Kevin Moore) in their lives. While you might not be fully aware of this yet, we can promise you’ll be sold after hearing a few seconds of the Cincinnati producer’s newest release. His full throttle sound will leave you hanging on for dear life as soon as it kicks in, while rolling snares and bouncy instrumentations travel through your pulsating speakers with a vengeance.

On “Highest” Expectations, we witness Moore unleashing a series of trap filled bangers that will leave listener’s instantly searching for a dance floor to get weird on--let the party begin, people!

First up is “Saturday Night Trap,” which bursts open the musical floodgates with an unlimited supply of momentous vocal samples and floor shaking snare smacks. The track’s continually changing fluctuation will leave fans on their feet throughout, as Spankalicious lets the bass kick and beats rumble at every corner.

“The Real” is a smooth paced tune that creeps along with lofty synth lines and ubiquitous lyrics from the one and only Eazy-E. There is no doubt you will be kickin’ it thick by the time this bad boy ends, as Moore takes his gripping style of bass music to a whole new level.

“Rain Dance” is an electrifying, drum romping anthem that features the homie Erman, aka “The Coolest homeless dude in Denver,” spitting mad truth about life, love, and the struggles of this world. Usually you have to leave your house to hear knowledge this wise from a homeless man, but Moore decided to make it a bit easier for us.

Spankalicious holds nothing back on his most recent set of tracks, while proving to the world that his diverse and effervescent sound will not be stopped by anything of this world. His Do Magical Things tour his the East Coast this week, with stops in Boston, New Hampshire, Philly, and a St. Louis show with the inimitable EOTO.

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