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Favorite ThisSOOHAN releases his sophomore full-length album Volume Twohan

Published: May 27, 2015

By: Chris Conte

SOOHANSOOHAN has this incredible knack to create satisfyingly funky levels of weirdness. He blends multiple styles you would never think would mesh. didgeridoos with old-school rap lyrics, Tuvan throat singing with heavy bass. At some points the EP is hectic at others undoubtedly smooth.

Stephen Suchan combines a plethora of obscure clips from various sources and creates a dynamic landscape of sound. Sounds, pitches, clips, lyrics grabbed from all over the place integrated to create cohesive songs.

If you are not into to it, the least you can do is appreciate this dude's talent for deconstructing and sculpting music. There are layers upon layers of specifically placed noises.

Some notable tunes are the opening track, "Legend" a Huun-Huur-Tu remix, "Straight Mongolian," which debuted in The Untz Challenge, and his Sigur Ros remix.

SOOHAN is revitalizing modern dance music. It's artists like this that will propel our scene forward. Download the album, and you'll get the special killer Beatles remix.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoGlitchHip HopHouseTrap