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Favorite ThisSonic thrills: Love and Light takes Last Exit Live in Phoenix April 4

Published: April 1, 2015

By: Christian Cortes

Love and Light - So Much Yes tourTake one part glitch-hop, one part dubstep, add a dash of trap and trippy downtempo along with a smattering of nerdcore and you have the ingredients for something resembling Love and Light.

Offering a high-energy take on bass music that is equally kinetic, cerebral and nostalgia-driven, this American DJ/producer duo has penetrated the rosters of some of the globe’s hottest big-stage and transformational events with a sonic experience designed for connecting on the dance floor.

Love and Light’s latest So Much Yes tour places them in the Arizona desert this Saturday (April 4th) at Phoenix warehouse venue Last Exit Live in what is quickly evolving into a night of music, art and spectacle. If you’ve ever wondered what a modern electronic festival is like, this is your chance to dip your toes into the scene for a fraction of what you would spend on a single night of a festival. Substantial local and touring art, music, projector visuals, and vendor support will ensure the night’s sensory offerings appease the inner aesthete in us all.

Following Saturday’s show, the duo plays two shows in Colorado and then heads east with a few Midwest pit-stops along the way just in time to catch the thaw and usher in a fresh season of music. Check out their Soundcloud page to get a flavor of their sonic concoctions, visit the Facebook event page to learn more about the Phoenix show and head over to The Untz ticketing page to secure a presale ticket before they sell out!

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