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Favorite ThisSONIC BLOSSOM - 2 Day mini-indoor fall festival at Cervante's this weekend

Published: October 13, 2011

The Sonic Bloom of Summer has given way to the Sonic Blossom of Fall. This weekend at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and The Other Side in Denver, CO, the organizers and promoters that brought you the Bloom are bringing their high-caliber pool of talent indoors for a mini-festival that will take place Oct. 14th and 15th between the two rooms. Headliners Ott, Random Rab, Kraddy, Govinda, Karsh Kale & Janover, are joined by a slew of DJs, live painters, aerialists, fire dancers, and more in a celebration of the same independent streak that has made the Bloom one of the most cutting edge festivals for electronic music in the country. Plenty of presentations, art, and music will keep attendees occupied for the two-day stretch--and if you're birthday falls on Friday or Saturday, you're in luck! You just got yourself a free ticket...

KRADDY - Heart Anthem




12:30) Ott
12) Phadroid
11) Octopus Nebula
10) Kaminanda
9) The Human Experience
8) Jamie Janover Presentation - Unified Field Theory

The Other Side:
1) Jantsen
12) Govinda
11) Bird of Prey
10) Marley Carroll
9) Shiba


12:30) Kraddy
12:15) Phadroid
11) Random Rab
10:30) Phadroid
9) Karsh Kale & Jamie Janover
8) Android Jones / Rab Presentation

The Other Side:
1) Eminence Ensemble
12) Project Aspect
11) Samples
10) Papa Skunk
9) Dayquill 

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