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Favorite ThisSonia Calico is about to revolutionize the future bass game.

Published: January 19, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Sonia CalicoI am kinda freaking the fuck out.

Muti Music has been giving us the goods for years. Since we first started this thing 7 years ago, in fact. But never, not once have I been this blown away by the countless new acts the trend-setting Bay Area has hipped us to. Until now, that is.

Sonia Calico is no stranger to the music industry. The Taipei-based artist founded the wildly successful indie-rock act Go Chic back in 2007, and on top of touring the world has also been touring and performing as 1/2 of Bounce Girlz. Breaking out as a solo act, Sonia Calico is now enthralled with the juke and chill trap scenes and is bringing a totally outsider's perspective to contemporary dance grooves and holy shit—she is nailing it on all fronts.

Her new EP, Fake Jewelry, drops on February 3 on Muti, and believe me when I tell you, it is front-to-back some epic/wonky/progressive production that I can't quite categorize. Today's premiere, “The Beat,” is a multi-textural clinic in bouncy, ear-to-ear future grin music. Think Mr. Bill and Wave Racer take a trip to Taiwan and get lost in the surf.

Please, please remember that I turned you onto this jam when Sonia Calico blows up beyond her wildest dreams. I deserve some credit. And Muti, too, I guess.

Tags: GlitchHip HopTrap