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Favorite ThisSomatoast debuts 'Spunning Song' from new album Goop

Published: August 10, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

While Somatoast's name is often uttered in the same breath as that of glitch-hop godfather Dave Tipper, the praise is not too high or outlandish. Mark Rubin really has captured that drippy, tweaked out sound of one of his biggest influences. The Austin, Texas-based producer and performer is returning once again to his home on Gravitas Recordings for his latest 7-track album, Goop, which will be a complete thrill for fans of that stuttering, slanty, and psychedelic sound.

Today, we premiere "Spunning Song" from the album. What sets this one apart from the rest of the bunch is the steady kick-snare combo that propels this cut into outer space. Super high-energy and full of gusto, the track continues to build and build until it blooms into an otherwordly spectacle. This will be a surefire dance floor destroyer.

Pre-order Goop for $1, and you can also get a free download of the title track. Glitch junkies are going to be anxiously awaiting the August 23rd release date.

Tags: Glitch