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Favorite ThisSnakehips: On & On

Published: April 24, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

The term “powerful” can be used to describe an abundance of emotions as they relate to music, although in most cases, people are using the p-word shorthand to describe an intense sonic juggernaut, or an at least something uptempo.

The London based duo Snakehips is striving to change this formality, carving ethereal lullabies that gently coalesce dreamy hip-hop beats with exuberant electronic ideals. The result: peace of mind. “On and On” is exhibit A, layering the classic Snakehips touch with George Maple’s sultry vocals. This stunning amalgam is appetizing, replacing commonplace with a passionate flair for sounds unheard, sensations untouched. Addicting would just be scratching the surface, and pressing repeat only once or twice would be selling it short.