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Favorite ThisSmokestax has a new one and it's absolutely 'Vile'

Published: June 17, 2020

Story by: Anand Harsh

Photo by: Joe Runge (Joe Create)

Smokestax (Joe Runge)It's been two years since Ethan Uellendahl stopped by The Untz Festival. The Smokestax B2B Brainrack set was a huge highlight from the weekend, but we're a long way off from those heady days of actually being able to attend outdoor festivals.

The good news is that it appears as though the connections made during that festival are going strong. Smokestax is about to hop onto one of our favorite labels, ShadowTrix Music, which fuses the east coast bass producer with the west coast bass provider.

Coming June 22 to STM is Uellendahl's Vile EP, which is a heavy encapsulation of what Smokestax does best: thoroughly doped out bass music with a knack for super clean productions. Take the title track, for example, which we're thrilled to present today. “Vile” keeps us on our toes, but there's a whiff of the stankiest bud rolling throughout. It's got the island flair with the industry puffery of a 200 foot tall chimney. It's no wonder Uellendahl has become a favorite of both Sermon and DUBDAY parties in New York and its surrounding areas.

Smokestax consistenly brings the heat, and I'm personally pumped he's landed on ShadowTrix.

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