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Favorite ThisSmokestax drops nasty 4-track EP Slime on ThazDope Records

Published: October 31, 2017

By: Sam Lawrence

Smokey The Beard tourThe latest mega-drop from ThazDope Records is the Slime EP by Smokestax.

This four-track EP opens with “We Are One,” a crawling track that features high-register droplets of sound over vocal clips and deep, swampy basslines. It’s head-nod music to the core and isn’t likely to get any dance floors jumping, but it’s very enjoyable for sitting and relaxing if bass immersion is your thing.

Take Cover,” is more energetic and draws on more halftime cues with long delays between drops and slapping snares that punch through the bass. Fully instrumental, this is a better track for warming up a dance floor and is likely to find it’s way into a few live sets among bass artists.

Not The One” combines trap vibes with more vocal samples and percolating synth patterns. The EP steadily builds in energy across all four tracks, but maintains a deep sticky bass core that matches the EP’s title.

Yeah They Like Dat” is the fourth and final track on the EP that takes the listener home with plenty of slimy bass and vocal clips, but with some of the most interesting reverberated percussion to be found on the EP. This track is probably the best for sending dance energy out to listeners, while still showcasing Ethan Uellendahl’s skills at making some really slurpy, syrupy bass noises.

Keep an eye on Smokestax as he continues to flex his sound. Uellendahl hits the road with Mallek Saleh and Seamus Southern of beardthug beginning November 10th at DJ Venom's FreQuency Friday in Providence, Rhode Island. Stay locked on Smokestax's tour progress on all his socials, and as always, stay locked right here to The Untz every Tuesday as we bring you new music from ThazDope Records.

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