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Favorite ThisSmigonaut debuts 'Lost At Sea' from charity-driven States of Being EP

Published: February 16, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

Smigonaut will most certainly make waves and become a powerhouse within our corner of the underground bass scene. Joshua Kipersztok's second official EP drop, appropriately entitled, States of Being, will inspire artists for at least a few generations. I would bet all my money – if I had any – on the impact, success, and the relevance this rising artist will have on music as a whole even outside the scope of the typically segemented electronic dance scene.

After listening over and over to his freshly minted drop, I highly doubt the reach will be limited to just the electronic scene as historical trends suggest. Maybe someone out there can loan me some cash so I can do what I feel is right and bet on the homeboy that is creating this positively wicked and inspiring content for all of us–moms, dads, sons, and daughters equally alikebecause this groundbreaking artist we are turning you onto does not just make any particular demographic on our planet’s contemporary music scene want to sway and want to dance in any particular way. What we are turning you all on to is “not like the others.”

SmigonautWhat you are about to hear is something you can even throw down and spin at a Christmas dinner and I say this confidently because there is a timeless, jazz-oriented, and super-smart energy within every track. It touches a wide spectrum of souls and we all will agree that this atypical feat is not an accomplishment readily obtained by any caliber of particular musician as all genres increasingly more and more spread apart and drift. Artists and compositions that connect people whom may not typically want to be connected with one another is certainly a good thing.

What I am trying to say is that this new release has an edge created from within the (quite honestly it would be rude to assume you could put a finger on it) magic which catalyzes separation of itself from today’s scene in its ability to link generations and crowds of people together. This listen is not typical in that it has–if you had to verbalize it–an indiscernible combination of the contemporary production styles which we are accustomed to hearing from the as-of-late edgy and re-awoken west coast but with unfamiliar and edgy international spiritual integration. What you are listening to is literally a non-selfish global pursuit and the fact it also happens to sound brilliant makes this drop special.

Reflecting on the much loved and definitely inspirational Minnesota - hailing out of Santa Cruz, California - and just briefly using his sound and style as a reference within this examination – Smigonaut has a sound so good when cranked up that it is certainly proper to speculate; Any West Cost Musician, even along the lines of the definite and established global legend Christian Bauhofer – a super boss – finally has found some lasting and worthy competition.

I honestly have been waiting for years to come across sounds and compositions anywhere near or close to the level of artistic maturity I have honestly been touched by from the West Coast’s respected icon Minnesota – but this notion has been officially challenged and now it could be possible for another legend to rise. Smigonaut has just done something with his art that I think is truly great. This tasty and tasteful artist has now actively grown our scene. It is these type of things – this true passion that is undeniably there that destroys an auditory hallucination.

Anywhere between the beginning track "Lost at Sea," which we premiere for fans today, to the concluding "Skyline Vista" results in an experience that might encourage the activation of blended-opposing giddy calmness within delicate, jazzy, back-and-forth constant yet smoothly swirled movements. These playful movements have the guts of legendary music and the stuff that makes sound stick.

What makes Smigonaut’s latest and second EP release epic and inspiring for most music heads is obvious and simple. Compared to the flood of music that is competitively flooding the scene today and everyday some artists hit the ball out of the park and some hit grounders. This is a home run. But it actually gets even fucking better and here is why!

The sensible yet brilliant fact that every purchase of this EP will not be going to a typical label’s or individual’s coffers and vaults but rather be directed upon a positive love-based, mature and hopefully infection is infecting!

With the proceeds of every donation for this album beginning with its release February 19th winding up at Conscious Impact, a group developing and spreading sustainable living projects alongside executing real redevelopment projects within a post-apocalyptic Nepal in light of the most recent tragediess stemming from the massive earthquakes and on top of historical tragedies, I am fucking stoked and thrilled with the music and the mission of Smigonaut, as well as Mycelium Music for their dedication to States of Being.

I think anyone that loves music and life should know this; the positive vibes apparent and within this fresh production’s feel, genre-defying-sounds, and good Karma all add up to an A+ and that’s a rare treatment but necessary because the truth is the truth.

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