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Favorite ThisSLAVE remixes PELOQUIN ft GuTTa KicK for Rapture Studios

Published: October 5, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

PELOQUIN - KALEIDOSCOPIC REMIXESWe've been getting a big influx of underground bass courtesy of Rapture Studios. One of their biggest releases of the year, to date, comes from Ohioan Darrell Gilbert, a.k.a. PELOQUIN. The midwest label sought out a creative stack of remixers to take on KALEIDOSCOPIC OBSCURITY, and the resulting KALEIDOSCOPIC REMIXES features an impressive collection of tracks.

Amongst the remixers you'll find Visive, Shaggs, Smol, and Chidi. Today, we premiere the SLAVE remix from Akron's David Timko. A rising star in the midwest bass scene, Timko took on “LIVEEVIL” featuring The Untz Festival alum GuTTa KicK. In an interesting move, SLAVE sets up a breakbeat hook while delivering a really minimal trap drop. Definitely inventive and ear-catching.

There are a lot of interesting up-and-comers flowing through the Rapture Studios stable, and acts like PELOQUIN, SLAVE, and the rest of these upstarts are casting a new light on the midwest scene.

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