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Favorite ThisSkytree premieres "Luck Dragon" from Neverending Story tribute EP [Out 3/4]

Published: March 3, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

While working on his forthcoming Cirrus Sapiens release, Evan Snyder decided to take a detour into something a little less deep and serious, something with a pop culture twist. The result is the Skytree tribute EP to The Neverending Story. Carefully crafted with loving fondness for an important piece of his childhood, Snyder found that the action-packed fantasy adventure still held great importance as well as meaningful lessons applicable to us as adults.

The Neverending Story still speaks a great deal to me as an adult, especially with respect to having faith in one's self, and keeping our imaginations alive. Though these are great lessons as a kid, we don't know the full depth of the Swamp of Sadness, in the metaphorical sense, for instance, until we're adults. The same can also be said of knowing our true self worth, passing through gateways and staying strong as we endure our trials in life.  For a kids' film that is cheesy at times, it's profoundly symbolic and well-executed.

Todays' premiere, "Luck Dragon," is a brilliant blend of both Skytree's signature subsonic psychedelia, but also motifs from the movie lovingly plucked and recaptured with Snyder's own flavor. Spiderwebs of intricate progressions climb and weave into one another, and the result is a fractalized tribute of the film's score shaken and refocused through the kaleidoscope. The Neverending Story Tribute EP is out tomorrow (March 4), for free, on Skytree's Bandcamp page.

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